Okay, this is making me fucking sick.
You may have seen a “life hack” post going around telling you that this fruit called the Garcinia Cambogia has some “magic” ability to boost your metabolism by 300%. THIS IS FALSE AND THIS FRUIT CAN ACTUALLY DAMAGE YOUR LIVER. The post states that the fruit cannot be bought in stores because it’s “too effective,” but it provides a link to a website where you can apparently order them. I’m not sure it’s even legal to sell them online, so I’d strongly suggest not buying them.

Garcinia Cambogia (or Garcinia Gummi-Gutta) can NOT be used as a way to lose weight, and does NOT BOOST YOUR METABOLISM BY 300%; in fact, it could even give you Hepatotoxicity, WHICH IS THE REASON IT WAS DRAWN OFF THE MARKET - NOT BECAUSE IT WAS “TOO EFFECTIVE.”

I don’t know where this rumour started, and I don’t know why Lifehackable is trying to make everyone believe it. I believe they were paid, or maybe they’re just too stupid to make a simple Google search.

In 2012, some dude (apparently a television personality) by the alias of Dr. Oz started promoting Garcinia Cambogia extract, claiming it was some some fucking magic weight-loss aid - BUT CLINICAL TRIALS DO NOT SUPPORT THESE CLAIMS! A meta-analysis found a possible small, but short-term weight-loss effect - but it was under 1 kilogram (which is about 2 pounds).

Don’t buy this fruit.
Don’t eat this fruit and don’t tell your friends about this fruit. This fruit doesn’t boost your metabolism, it fucking damages your liver. THERE IS A REASON THESE THINGS CANNOT BE BOUGHT IN STORES.

And it doesn’t even taste good. Rant over.